How Lyft and Uber transportation companies (TNC) keep their costs low

At YOUR expense!

Uber and Lyft


Please note, Our governing body is the Public Utilities Commission and will be referred as the PUC. Uber and Lyft are classified as Transportation Network Companies and are referred to as TNCs.

  1. Limousine; We must retire a vehicle after 10 years even if it is in perfect condition
    TNC; Can and do use a vehicle up to 15 years

  2. Limousine; Must use ONLY vehicles that are considered as a luxury vehicle by the PUC
    TNCs; Can and do use any vehicle they wish>

  3. Limousine; Lifetime finger print background checks. One by the PUC and one maintained by us.
    NOTE; If you transport passengers out of state a 2nd DOT lifetime background check is required.
    TNCs; 3 year background check in Colorado only.

  4. Limousine; Depending on the size of the vehicle we are mandated to maintain a $500,000 to $1,500.00 insurande policy per vehicle per occurance. If we use a sub-contractor you are allowed these amounts consecutivly.
    TNCs; Lyft and Uber provide a $300,000 blanket policy over their entire fleet. Once that is used up an injured party has NO OTHER insurance and NO OTHER compensation for their injuries

  5. Limousine; If a driver has more than 1 moving violation in the last year they are disallowed by the insurance company.
    TNCs; No restrictions! If they have a license they can drive!

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